Restigouche Gun Club

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Come visit  us at

Promotion Plus in

 Campbellton Saturday the

 29th and Sunday the 30th






The Restigouche Gun Club would sincerely like to thank the DeGroot family especially Amy and Krista, Ron’s daughters, for fulfilling their father’s wish by donating $20,000 to the shooting range.

A big thank you.Merci beaucoup J


The 600m will be CLOSED starting right now and until it is certified in the spring. Sorry for any inconvenience.  Thanks for your usual cooperation.



Non Restricted Firearms (long guns) course

French or English

in Campbellton

April 20 - 23/2017

Aug 17 - 20 /2017

Dec 7 - 10 /2017 


Please call 506-789-2336 to register


                                          Restricted Firearm course                                                                                Campbellton



please call to register : 1-800-731-4000 ext 6000

                                 2017 executive

 President :  Jason McIntyre - 506-790-0734    

 1st Vice President : Trevor Furlotte - 506-790-5905 - [email protected]

2nd Vice President :  Harold Andersen - 506-685-7137 - [email protected] 

Treasurer : Kevin Guitard - 506-684-3296 - [email protected]

Secretary : Josee Doucet Theriault - 506-684-0196  [email protected]

Memership : Josee Doucet Theriault - 506-684-0196 [email protected]

CRO : Pierre Luc Boudreau - 506-544-5706 - [email protected]

Webmaster : Marc Giroux - 506-684-0865 - [email protected]




Damage to Steel at Range
  Anyone with any information about who did it is being asked to contact Jason at


"A golf course is the willful and deliberate misuse of a perfectly good rifle range."

                                        Winston Churchill

Bon Ami Booth 1989


Thank you for viewing, come again often.

Merci de visionner, revener souvent.